The Big Unveil: Have You Seen Our NEW KWSM Website

When KWSM first started, we focused on social media and our previous website was a reflection of that. Over the years, we’ve expanded into a full-service digital marketing agency – with offices in Orange County and Atlanta – and now provide a complete suite of services including web design and video/photo production. As we continued to grow, we thought our site could use a refresh to highlight the breadth of services, as well as reflect on our mission and company culture. We wanted it to shine just like our team does! So we welcome you to take a tour of our new KWSM website.

As a team, we built our website from the ground up. Our copywriter carefully crafted the words that highlight our services, our case studies, and our people. What started as Facebook and LinkedIn content for some of our first clients has evolved into complete brand overhauls, and launching several startups. From social media management to influencer marketing, our story is told on every page.

For each service we offer, a KWSM team member has provided a case study, so future clients can read all about the past successes we have seen. They are an example of the hard work and dedication our team provides to get results.

Although we’re still loyal to chevron, you’ll see that the new KWSM website has an entirely different aesthetic. Our web team worked to develop a new full-width row layout influenced by a flat design concept. Our design team shot every photo on the site and our team members served as models for the photos. We had a blast taking the photos and putting our personal touch on every aspect of the site.

“Our new site puts everyone front and center, and I am really happy that everyone was able to be a part of the site creation and launch!”- President Katie Wagner Click To Tweet

Our favorite part of the new site?

We love the About Us section, where you can get to know our team members. And we say this in the humblest way possible. You’ll find fun facts and photos of our entire team. We even feature our famous office dog, Jules, who brings extensive experience in cuddling, humorous antics, and providing stress relief to our team.

“When I was thinking about my vision for the new site, I wanted a way for our potential clients to be introduced to each member of our team, regardless of which department or content editor they will be closely working with,” says KWSM President, Katie Wagner. “Our new site puts everyone front and center, and I am really happy that everyone was able to be a part of the site creation and launch!”

We are proud of the new KWSM site, and we are so happy we can share that with everyone online. We hope you take some time to explore the new site and take a look at some of the new highlights here.


If you’re interested in learning more about our team and our digital marketing services, contact us to get started.

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