Seal the Deal: How to Transform Followers into Customers

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Whether your business is in its first year or its 30th, brand awareness is always essential for growth. That’s where social media comes into play. It allows you to make your brand name know to more people, get more visitors to your site and more followers on your profiles.

But what good is having followers if they don’t buy your products or services? Once you’ve accumulated a following you’re happy with, it’s time to put more effort into turning them into customers. Sure, you always want to expand your brand presence, but don’t forget about the people who were interested enough to like your page.

Give your followers a reason to take your relationship to the next level by making a purchase and becoming a loyal customer.


Show them the Benefits

Don’t just tell them how great your product is; you have to show them. Think about it—why would they just take your word for it? Use customer testimonials, pictures and videos to show how your brand can make their lives easier. People buy into an experience over the product. They want to know, what can you do for me, and it’s your responsibility to let them know. Otherwise, the competition gets an upper hand.

Create a Contest

The key to a good contest isn’t always the prize. Sure when you’re giving away iPhones or Smart TV’s people are bound to participate, but this is hardly the case. You need a good contest idea that will get customers excited to participate and engage with your content. Ask a compelling question or request that they do something fun with the family—just make sure your idea is consistent with your brand and interesting to your target audience. As a prize idea, use one of your products or services. This is an investment and will pay off once the winner falls in love and tells friends and family about your amazing business.

Talk to Them

Engage with your audience as much as they engage with you. Answer their questions, retweet their compliments, and like their comments on your content. They will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to address them, especially if they just liked a photo. They will also call you out if you don’t respond, and you might risk losing not only a potential customer but a few followers as well.


Show appreciation for your followers and customers all year round with these ideas.


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