Privately Chat With Your Customers On Facebook

43 trillion instant messages will be sent this year, according to tech analysis firm Juniper Research, and your business needs to keep up with the times. As more users transition from email messages to sending them instantly via social media, Facebook is giving businesses more communication tools.

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Change a Crisis Into an Instant Conversation

The new private message feature is a public relations blessing for any company that has ever handled a disgruntled customer on Facebook. Now, when consumers post something negative on a company’s page, the business owner has the option to respond to the person privately. Under the new feature, when a company moves the conversation to a confidential window, a note will be displayed under the public comment letting other visitors know it has been responded to. Before a major crisis hits your page, make sure you know how to address a business crisis through social media.

Turn Your Advertisements Into an Avenue for Discussion

Another new feature that rolled out this month helps businesses communicate with customers through ads. Facebook users can now directly message a business when they see an ad they are interested in. The “Send Message” button on the advertisement can quickly connect an inquisitive customer with the business owner. Experts believe this pay-to-play feature is one of many that will roll out in the coming months as Facebook looks for innovative ways to monetize their business. If you want to stay relevant on social media your business will undoubtedly have to pay for some advertising, but this direct message feature is an easy way to find out if it’s working.

Encouraging Communication

In case these new communication tools weren’t enticing enough, Facebook has added a new incentive for businesses to use their direct messaging feature. The social media site is awarding digital badges to businesses that can respond to 90 percent of their direct messages less than five minutes after they are sent. To check your response times, business owners can access the data on their private analytics dashboard.

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