Pinterest’s New Pin Level Stats Put Users In The Driver’s Seat

From recipes to jewelry, millions globally have relied on Pinterest to expand their digital footprint online, some growing their business in the process.

But unlike the diversity of the pins on people’s boards, the analytics are a little lackluster.   That’s all about to change!

Meanwhile, Twitter is adding more advanced privacy controls, and Facebook is hitting a home run with its new MLB streaming deal in this week’s social media trends!

Twitter Puts Data Profile in Users’ Hands

 In Twitter’s ongoing effort to make users feel safer online, the social media giant has announced a new set of privacy control options, taking the guesswork out of how user information, demographics, and data are being used when it comes to advertising.

In the formal announcement, which was recently released, Twitter is making it clear that users should have the right to know how they are being included in tailored audiences. The new feature is also allowing users to modify their data directly.

Giving Twitter users deeper access to their data profile will ultimately allow advertisers to reach more of an engaged audience.

Play Ball! Facebook’s New 20-Game MLB Streaming

It’s time to stock up on the peanuts and Cracker Jacks because Facebook is bringing your favorite MLB games straight to timeline near you.

The move is just another addition to the plethora of new video options the platform has offered as a way to jump-start a “video first” social media landscape.

The collaboration between Facebook and the MLB is indeed a smart one, as the integration of live streaming sports will help to expand its reach to younger audiences who otherwise may not be watching via traditional television.

The newest feature should also be a hit with advertisers and publishers – who can reach new audiences.

Make Pin Progress With Pin-Level Analytics

Photo Credit: @urbanistalifesg

What good is pinning your mother’s fondue recipe, that has now gone viral, if you can’t even track analyze your pin’s data?

 For people pining for pin engagement and pin-driven traffic stats can rejoice.

Pinterest is delivering a new “Pin Level” stats feature.

The update will give users a stats icon on each pin, which will only be visible to the users themselves. When clicking on the new stats button, pinners will be able to see everything from impressions, close-ups, saves and engagements.

Users will also be able to analyze their data, and easily promote their pin from within the new stats dashboard based on the information they have received.

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