Pinterest and LinkedIn Make Connecting Easier

Pinterest has announced its new collaboration feature, and Instagram is introducing a new interactive sticker to its Stories feature. LinkedIn’s new translation option attempts to break the language barrier on the professional networking platform. Here’s what’s trending in social media this week…

Pinterest’s New Collaboration Feature

questions, ask me anything, instagram stickers, questions sticker, honesty boxPinterest has become a popular platform for discovering new ideas and planning for future life events. Late last year, Pinterest announced that it has over 200 million monthly active users, so it’s no surprise that the company is taking strides to enhance its app to keep its users engaged. Thus, the introduction to its newest feature called Group Boards.


Group Boards will allow users to engage with other users that are in the group using @-mentions and interact with content that will only be visible to those in the group. Users will also be able to add new pins, new sections, and see when a new member is added to a group activity feed. This new feature, now available on mobile and desktop, is in direct response to feedback Pinterest received from its users. And although it’s not available for business profiles yet, we wouldn’t be surprised if the company was already brainstorming ways for brands to take advantage. How do you think Pinterest will leverage group boards for brands?

Instagram’s New Question Stickers

Instagram has added its newest interactive sticker, called Questions, to its Stories tab. Questions will let your followers submit questions for you to answer, and allow you to ask them questions. Similar to the poll or emoji-meter stickers, Question can be added to your stories after you take a photo or a video, and answers can be found in your viewers’ list.


If you prompt your followers for a question, you can tap any question they’ve asked from the list to create a new story where you reveal your answer. The questions you’re answering will appear on your story, but the person who asked the question won’t be revealed. A lot of brands want feedback from their target audience, and this a great way to get it.

LinkedIn’s New Translation Feature

LinkedIn is making it easier for professionals to connect with others across the globe with its new translation option. Available in more than 60 languages, the new “See Translation” option will allow users to keep in touch and engage with other professionals in their newsfeeds and within groups, regardless of language.


Posts that are in a different language will include the button in the LinkedIn newsfeed, the recent activity section on someone’s profile, and on the post detail page.  LinkedIn will show the button based on a number of factors, such as your language settings, the country where you’re accessing LinkedIn, and the languages on your profile. It was one of the most requested features from users, and we know this will be great for networking on the platform.


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