Mix it Up! Crafting the Perfect Social Media Cocktail


With a recipe and some creativity, you can concoct a powerful drink that’s perfect for satisfying your taste buds. But while some like cocktails that are smooth and subtle, others love stiff drinks that with a distinctive kick! What happens when you adjust your measurements and ingredients to create a flavor profile that’s uniquely your own? Voila! You’ve made the perfect evening cocktail.

Now imagine creating this perfect mixture online for your business. It’s easier than you think to become a virtual bartender, serving up satisfaction to your audience. So pull up a barstool, handpick your content and prepare to pour yourself a successful social strategy.

Start with your Base

Pick your platform. What are you trying to create? Where you choose to build your audience has a lot to do with how successful it can be. You need to ensure that you are picking the right channels to create the right kind of audience. You need to have an idea of what you want your channels to look like, and what you want them to achieve before you dive head first into social media marketing.

Moderation is Key

Just like a well-balanced drink, you want to make sure you have a variety of ingredients that work well together to create the big picture. Add variety to your content, and when it comes to self-promotion, don’t overdo it. Create an equal balance of selling yourself and your company’s services. You will also want to educate your audience, and establish yourself as an expert in your field. By varying your content you keep your audience engaged and interested.

Keep it Fresh

The ingredients that make up your social media cocktail need to be fresh. If you are going to be using social media successfully to market your business, you need to be updating your channels regularly and interacting with your audience. Keep your content up to date with recent news and trends in your industry, as well as recent events going on within your company.

Shaken Not Stirred

Mix things up on your channels. Experiment with the types of content you are posting, the times you are publishing your posts, and the frequency. Find what works for you and keep trying new and innovative ways to interact online.

Finish with A Garnish

Always remember to cross your T’s and dot your I’s. You are representing your company online and establishing a voice for the company. Make sure you are representing your brand the way you want to be seen and are double-checking the quality of the content you are sending out.

While there is no such thing as the “perfect cocktail,” following this recipe can create quite the pick-me-up for your company’s social strategy. Ready for another round? Follow the KWSM recipe to successfully incorporate emojis into your online presence.




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