Live-Tweet To Give Your Twitter Following A Boost

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If you are looking to give your Twitter following a boost, live-tweeting during events may be a great opportunity for you.

Live-tweeting is about sharing and commenting on what people are saying during an event. This could be a physical event like a conference, or it may be a virtual event such as a webinar. You can even live-tweet during the premiere of a new television show or live Internet event.

The only requirement for you to participate in a live event chat is that you use the hashtag that is focused around the event.

For example, at Social Media Marketing World, participants used the hashtag #SMMW15 to communicate with each other over Twitter. Anyone that tweeted using that hashtag could instantly join a conversation with hundreds of other attendees at the event.

Live-tweeting during an event is not only a great way to gain new followers, but also helps your brand build relationships and network with other people at the event.

Want to live tweet like the pros? Follow our tips below.

Update Your Twitter Profile

Depending on how big or how long the event is, you may want to update your Twitter profile to resonate with event attendees who are using the hashtag.

One of the easiest things you can do is to rewrite your Twitter bio letting people know that you are at the event and encourage them to use the hashtag to interact with you.

You can also create a tweet notifying your followers where you will be during the event, in case they want to meet you. You can pin this tweet to the top of your Twitter profile so it is the first thing visitors see. Try creating an eye-popping image to go along with the event. This will help your tweet stand out and make your Twitter profile more attractive to visitors.

Live-Tweeting Tips

Live-tweeting requires some level of multi-tasking skill. You must process the information that you are learning at the event and communicate it to others within a matter of seconds.

This can be tricky, especially if you are tweeting during a presentation and new information is being conveyed every minute.

Try keeping your tweets concise while live-tweeting and avoid splitting thoughts into two separate tweets. The hashtags at live events can move fairly quickly, and someone might be confused by your second tweet if they didn’t read the first one.

Use the appropriate Twitter handles when quoting speakers at the event. The speakers are influencers in your industry and they will appreciate you sharing their message.

You will also want to monitor the hashtag and engage with other attendees at the event. Retweeting, favoriting and replying to others who are using the hashtag is a surefire way to gain new followers and form new relationships.

Now that you know the basics of live-tweeting, you will be able to increase your visibility with your target audience and form more valuable relationships at your next event.

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