LinkedIn Launches Media Feature

Great news! On May 1, 2013 LinkedIn joined the visual trend and released a feature that now allows users to upload photos, videos, and documents to better tell their story.

“Don’t say it, Display it” appears to be the current LinkedIn motto, according to project manager Udi Milo. We like it!

This is a fantastic way to better display who you are and what work you have done, let’s get you started on how to use the new feature.

1. Navigate to the ‘edit’ section of your LinkedIn profile page.

2. You will now see an option to upload all kinds of media from your computer or website into your ‘Summary’ section.


3. Under ‘summary’, refer to ‘Experience’ and check out the option to add images, videos, and documents in with your current information.


4. Below the ‘Experience’ section is where your ‘Education’ history is listed. Well, now you can add images and other visual content to your education listed.

5. Gather photos, videos and documents regarding each category and upload them.

I’m sure you cannot wait to take advantage of the new feature and that’s great! Don’t be alarmed when other users comment on and ‘Like’ your images. That’s another new exciting feature; all the more reason to be aware of what you post and make sure of the quality. This is media that your connections will be seeing and can possibly bring you business. Have fun!








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