Introducing the Pinterest Carousel Ad

Pinterest is a visual pinboard that showcases a lot of things from products to inspirational posts!  It is popular with fashionistas, workout buffs, people who love food, and of course, those looking for a little positivity in their lives.


And with more than 250 million monthly users, it’s safe to say a lot of people and brands are on board with what this addictive platform has to offer.  People spend time on Pinterest to be inspired and make new discoveries. It’s newest “Carousel” ads allows brands to tap into that by creating excitement around their products and services. I guess the next question is, how does it work and how can you get started?

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As you know, Pinterest is like a bookmarking tool where users can pin or save images they find online (or Pinterest itself) to different boards (used to categorize image collections as a way to organize them). Anyone with a Pinterest business can create a carousel ad. In its simplest form, a Carousel is a Pin with multiple images. Similar to Facebook’s carousel, it allows brands to advertise multiple products at once or showcase different features of a product.


The best part for users and brands alike is that users see the Carousel in their home feed just like any other Pin. Ultimately, it delivers an immersive experience that creates excitement about products and services.  It can also increase awareness about a brand’s story with multiple images. Users can swipe through the different images, called cards, directly from the feed or click on the Carousel and swipe through each card.


pinterest carousel ads, pinterest, social media adsEach card can have its own site (or landing page), which can make tracking the success of certain products even easier. It’s a great way for brands to test out new, or similar, services or products with its target audience in a single ad.  Instead of just promoting one image, you can now promote up to five of your products or services and pay the same price. Plus, when someone saves a Carousel, they save the entire Pin including all the cards within it. It serves as a reminder of the other products or services you offer because if a user saves your Carousel for one particular image, they will see the other products or services whenever they go back to that Pin.


Pinterest ensures that the users find the inspiration they need while connecting them to brands they wouldn’t otherwise search for based on their interest. In fact, 83% of weekly pinners have made a purchase based on pins they saw from brands, so it’s worth exploring for your company if you aren’t already.  Everything is much more visual, and Pinterest is a way for brands to tap into that visual experience with their audience. Still not convinced that Pinterest is the right platform for your company? Here are 3 Ways Pinterest Can Help Your Brand.

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