Instagram Story Changes, Facebook Tackling Fraud, and Twitter’s New Success

Social media comes at us fast, and the changes in December show just how quickly the way you interact with clients and friends can transform. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have launched new tools and algorithms that will affect how you use the platform going forward. These are the social media stories in the news this week.


Instagram Opens Up How You Will Use Stories.


Instagram stories have become a strong competitor to Snapchat, and with the new Stories Highlight tool, and the Stories Archive, you can now turn your stories into new content. The highlights option allows you to store important pieces of your stories and group them together to post on your profile.


In concert with the highlight feature, your stories will now be saved in the Stories Archive, allowing you to revisit your stories, and select highlights at your leisure. No more losing stories after 24 hours! This will prove to be an invaluable tool for marketing in 2018.


Facebook To Give You A List Of Official Emails


Facebook scamming is a wide-ranging issue, and tracking which emails from Facebook are real and which aren’t can be difficult, especially when you run a business page that you manage from different geographical areas.


Phishing emails will prompt users to log in for a variety of reasons, most commonly because of a “problem” with your account. Now you can check the authenticity of emails from Facebook in your settings under “Security and Login.” Before you log in or give your information to Facebook through email, double check to make sure you are safe. Hopefully, this new feature will prevent fraud and identity theft.


Twitter’s New Algorithm Is Boosting Views and Engagement


The most recent quarterly earnings report from Twitter showed a huge growth in users (its biggest since early 2016), as well as increased actions from users. The culprit behind the uptick in engagement is primarily thanks to Twitter’s new algorithm. The platform organizes tweets that users are most likely to respond to and shows them on timelines, and through push notifications. The new “in case you missed it” branding is making sure that accounts have repeat actions from their followers, meaning that once you get interactions going with a user, they are going to see more and more of your content, even if they only jump into the app occasionally.


Other changes include showing users which of their friends have recently followed accounts, which adds more authenticity to your profile, and the ability to thread tweets in one pass, as opposed to needing to respond to yourself over and over. These new changes are showing results, and will likely shape the platform further going into 2018.

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