In The News: Twitter Hides Replies, Snapchat Launches Creator Shows, and Instagram Makes you Think Twice

Social media is trying to be a better place for everyone – making small but important adjustments along the way. This week Instagram and Twitter both rolled out features to make it a safer spot, while Snapchat added a new feature sure to inspire creativity and connect you to celebrities. Here’s what’s in the news in social media this week.


Do you REALLY want to make that comment on Instagram?


Instagram’s newest feature will urge you to think again before posting any comments they think could be harmful or considered hateful. This update uses artificial intelligence to screen your copy. If it flags anything that could be considered bullying, a pop-up will ask you “Are you sure you want to post this?” In a test of this feature, it was noticed that giving users a chance to reflect and reconsider their content resulted in less harmful messages.


Snapchat Launches Creator Shows


Snapchat recently announced a new feature that is intended to appeal to a younger generation: Creator Shows. These shows will feature major celebrities such as Serena Williams and Arnold Schwarzenegger, alongside other creators such as Emma Chamberlain, Loren Grey, and Rickey Thompson. Shows will be three to five minutes, with eight to ten episodes per season. This bite-sized format of consuming is exactly what Generation Z craves – the fulfillment of completing a television show in shorter, “tweet-sized” scripts. Creator Shows will be in first-person, vertical format which makes the videos feel more raw, authentic, and relatable – another selling point to Gen Z, who are turned off by anything too polished.

Control Your Conversations on Twitter


In Canada, Twitter users can now “hide replies,” giving users more control over their conversations and the ability to cut out any negative comments. In a blog post from Twitter, the platform said “Anyone around the world will be able to see and engage with hidden replies by tapping the grey icon that will appear. We want to be clear and transparent when someone has made the decision to hide a reply and will be looking at how this feature gives more control to authors while not compromising the transparency and openness that is central to what makes Twitter so powerful.” While this feature is not available in all countries yet, it is expected to roll out everywhere as long as testing goes well – but we will keep you posted right here on the KWSM blog.


Did you know 500 million tweets are sent each day? That’s 5,787 tweets every second.

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