How to Update Your Social Media for Summer

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The changing seasons provide a great opportunity to revamp your content and keep your pages looking fresh. Is your social media ready to strut its stuff for summer? Use this guide to help your channels get their shine on!


Since it’s the first impression that people get when they visit your page, start by switching out your cover photo for something more appropriate for the summer. You also can change the featured video on your profile for something that reflects the changing season.

Then, if you have a service that is more popular when the weather heats up, edit your call to action button to show people the services they’re more likely to be in the market for. This also should be reflected in any ads that you run throughout the summer months.


As social media’s how-to hub, Pinterest offers the perfect opportunity for making a splash each month of the year. Creating a few relevant boards with a summer focus is a great place to start, but don’t count out the content you’ve already stowed away in the past when sprucing up this channel. Even changing the cover of each board and rearranging their display order can generate new interest from users visiting your page.


Visuals are deeply rooted to how we perceive information, and Instagram knocks it out of the park when it comes to telling stories through pictures. Sure, posting pictures of your company’s products and services in a seasonal context is a given, but let this same vibe transcend into the other content shared on your page. Try posting pictures in general that radiate sunshine to make a more consistent look.


Do you tend to use and reuse the same list of tweets? Bring some content into rotation that shares valuable information for this time of year. It doesn’t all have to be entirely new content, dig into articles and stories from the summers past to find great tips and information that your audience may like.


What products do people request the most in the summer? Are their any trends that you notice around this time of year? If so, now is the time to start talking about them on LinkedIn! Share stories, publish articles and highlight elements of your business that are most valuable this time of year – you may just share a capability that your customers didn’t know you possess.


With how-to’s and tutorials being the most popular types of content on YouTube, its time to get that camera rolling! Post some videos about how people can live better in the summer and get them on your profile. That way, you’re right where people are looking when researching the fixes to their summer woes.

If creating new content isn’t feasible for you at this moment, there are some other steps you can also take. Try updating your playlists and rearranging the order that your videos appear to reintroduce your audience to your existing content.

No matter what channel you’re using, keeping with the times and sharing relatable material communicates to your audience that you are actually present.

How do you prepare your social media for the summer? Share your tips in the comments! And for more social media tips, be sure to check out our webinar.

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