How to Promote Your Social Media Channels

Photo: @melissengel
Photo: @melissengel

So, you’ve set up your social media channels, created content and have been posting consistently—now what? Did you think you were done? Guess again. There are a few things you can do to promote your channels and help your audience find them easily.

In your E-mail signature

Placing links to your social media channels in your Email signature is a great way to let the people that you are corresponding with know which channels your business is using. You can grab image icons from a quick Google search and link the icon to your business page in the settings of your Email signature.

On your website

Placing icons on your website that link directly to your social channels is also a great way for visitors to reach you on those channels. Not only do you want website traffic from social media but you can also get social media traffic from your website. If your business has multiple brands, be sure that your icons link to the correct channels – you don’t want to confuse your visitor. 

On your business cards

When you’re at a networking event, it’s not best practice to tell someone “find us on Facebook!” or ask someone to take out their phone to find your business on Instagram. Instead, just hand them your business card where they can find URLS of your channels. Then, when they are back home or at the office, they can easily find you and connect.

On other channels

When you’re posting on channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it isn’t a bad idea to create a post every once in a while about the other channels your business can be found on. Just because a person is a fan/follower on one channel doesn’t mean they have connected with you on another. Different social media channels have different audiences and you need to make it a point to let your audience know where they can connect with you.

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