How To Increase Sales With Multi-Product Pins

Source: @shopphoebeskye

When people are in the mood for shopping, Pinterest is the place they go. According to one major report this year, over half of the users on this social media platform use it to find or shop for a product. For your business to take advantage of this huge hunt for products on Pinterest, it important to start pinning multi-product shots.

According to a recent blog on the platform, “Pins that feature multiple products generally get 30% higher clickthrough rates and 20% higher checkouts, possibly because they evoke curiosity and inspire people to act. (On the other hand, single-product Pins generally have higher Pin save rates—which is why it’s important to use them in addition to multi-product Pins.)”

So how do you make multi-product Pins work for your business? Start by bringing together similar products as a collection. Taking a picture of a complete outfit that goes together is a great example.   If you are marketing clothing, sure you can just focus on one item – or you can highlight the entire ensemble all together.   You may even want to add in shoes or accessories.

The pins that are the most successful are those that show the product in a realistic situation for the buyer. This ultimately leads to more purchases. If you use a multi-product pin, it is important to also pin each individual product within that picture to the same board. This will make it easy for Pinterest users to find your product. The pin of the individual product can be used to explain the product details. Don’t forget to link back to the product’s landing page where customers can purchase the product.

Check your photos. Make sure they are focused, with good lighting, and show proper detail. You’ll want your board to look complete and uniform so that your consumers know what to expect. Multi-product pins allow you to highlight your products in creative ways. There is no limit to how many pictures you can include your product in, so presenting multiple uses for it will only increase interest.

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