How to Find Great Hashtags on Instagram

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Hashtags have been around for awhile now, but finding the right ones to use can still be confusing. Here are some tips on how to search for the hashtags that will get your posts the most attention on Instagram:

Get specific

Using extremely popular hashtags that have been leveraged millions of times might seem like a smart strategy, but it’s not always the best way to get your content noticed. The more posts associated with a hashtag, the faster it gets buried in Instagram’s feed. If you choose more specific hashtags, they will appear in a smaller pool of photos and are more likely to remain at the top of Instagram’s search results. Using obscure hashtags is not effective either, so it’s all about finding a hashtag “sweet spot.” Aim to find tags with mentions in the 10k to 20k range, and mix those in with popular tags.

Type, Wait, Populate

When you use Intagram’s search feature, hashtags that begin with each successive letter you have entered into the search bar will start to populate. It may take a few seconds for them to load, but be patient! For example, if you type in the word “beauty,” wait a few seconds and hundreds of other related hashtags that begin with the word beauty will show up, and Instagram will tell you how many times people have used them. This is a great way to discover new hashtags and see what tags Instagrammers are using.

Do Some Detective Work

A surefire way to find great tags is to do some snooping. Find the accounts of brands you want to align yourself with, and see how they are tagging their photos. If you use the same tags as the brands you want to be associated with, you will show up next to them in the search feed when a user types in that hashtag. Users will begin to associate your brand with theirs.

Create your Own

If you can’t find what you’re looking for when searching for hashtags, you can always create your own! Inventing your own hashtag can be a great way to build brand loyalty, create a sense of community, or draw support for a cause or event. Using your brand name as a hashtag in all of your posts is a great place to start! Encourage your fan base to start using your custom hashtag to identify you in photos; you might be surprised how quickly they will catch on. Creating a custom hashtag also streamlines content relating to your brand, making it easier for you and your customers to find.

Hunting for hashtags can be fun when you know where to look! These tips should give you some great ideas on how to start searching.








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