How to be Authentic and Transparent on Instagram

We know it seems a little odd to be talking about authenticity on your Instagram channel. It’s your page. It can’t be any more authentic than that, right? Well, you’d be surprised how hard it is to maintain an authentic feel and voice on your page. So many users are caught up in getting the perfect shot they forget how the flaws in the photo can be the very thing that gives it more meaning. It’s the transparency and authenticity of a photo that resonates with your audience. 

No one tries to be anything less than real on their page, but some of the most famous Instagram influencers seamlessly incorporate authentic content into their posts every day. It’s so easy to get stuck in the cycle of posting product, service, and lifestyle posts with the perfect placement and backgrounds. 


For example, a beauty influencer may highlight the acne and scars on their bare face. This shows they’re relatable and flawed just like everyone else. A fitness influencer may show their real-time weight loss journey and encourage their audience to follow along the journey. Audiences don’t like to hear a sales pitch, and this is a great way to engage without looking like a salesman.


An easier way to be more authentic and transparent is to not censor yourself. Of course, abstain from any vulgar or offensive language or content. In speech and/or content, a positive approach could be to include the outtakes from a video shoot and show the images from behind the scenes. These are the moments people want to see. These are the narratives your audience will identify with on a more personal level. It’s not all peachy all the time. We’ve all had those crazy days and it’s nice to identify with other people over similar experiences. 


One of the biggest influencers in the business circuit is Gary Vaynerchuk and he never censors himself. That goes to show you your audience admires realness. He stresses the value of being yourself and documenting your journey. Your audience is more tuned-in to the journey than the final destination.


Audiences are becoming hipper to spotting inauthentic content and can weed out the pages that don’t speak on a personal level. It’s extremely important to be mindful of your company’s voice on the internet. We suggest having fun with it! The next time you want to edit that photo, don’t. Share the raw footage and behind the scenes photos. These are the more relatable moments shared by your viewers. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 

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