How Small Businesses Can Find Their Target Audience on Social Media

Approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month, according to Forbes, but during that time more businesses will shut down than start up. To make sure your business doesn’t fall victim to this statistic, it’s important to know who your target audience is and how to attract them. Here are five tips to connect your company with the right audience.


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Analyze Your Audience

Multiple social media channels can break down who your current fan base is with just the click of a button. Look for the analytics section on channels like Facebook and Twitter to get a better idea of who is already following your company.

Befriend a Blogger

For the business owner on a shoe-string budget, becoming friends with a blogger could be your instant avenue to hundreds of new customers. If you can get a blogger to try/endorse your product, you just hit an internet gold mine. For more tips, checkout how to connect with bloggers on Instagram.

Power-Up Your Posts

Never underestimate the power of your posts. You should have a regular presence on your various social media channels and interact regularly with your customers. Try to avoid text-heavy content and focus on posts that can provoke emotion, spark a conversation, and get a user to share your creation.

Advertise For the Right Audience

More and more social media channels are pushing for a “pay-to-play” format, which means less users will see your ads organically. Social media management site, Buffer, put to the test what $5 will buy you on Facebook ads. Their results included an average of nine page likes per day, 1 click to their website per day, and their boosted posts reached an average of 787 new people. You can make your dollar to go the distance in Facebook ads by specifying categories like location, age, gender, and even what your followers are interested in.

Channel Your Crowd

What Social Media Channels Does Your Audience Use? If you want to target young mothers who love arts and crafts projects with their kids, try advertising on Pinterest. If you want to connect with fellow CEOs, try LinkedIn.

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