Facebook Shop Section: How It Can Boost Your Sales

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Facebook wants you to check out a new shopping feature that may help boost your sales, Twitter is handing you the keys to its “Instant Unlock” feature to incentivize you and drive engagement, and Snapchat wants you to be glued to its new location-based “Geo Stickers”! These are the latest trending stories in social media news.

Snapchat is Getting Sticky With New Geo-Stickers

 Snapchat is fine-tuning its geotagging by adding unique and fun stickers! The stickers provide filter-like icons and allow you to integrate anywhere in your post. As of now, “Geo-Stickers” will only be available in ten cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., Honolulu, London, Sydney, Paris, São Paulo and Riyadh.)To use the fun feature, just be sure to have location services turned on under settings in your smartphone, and Snapchat will simply do the rest!

It is still unclear if the application will conduct a mass rollout of the newest feature globally, so be sure to stay tuned for the latest and up to date information on its progress.


 Facebook Goes Shopping

 Facebook is in the process of rolling out Shops on its Pages feature, allowing business owners to sell within the Facebook interface.

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The new move allows for customers to shop online for popular products directly from a business profile page and put in offers via Messenger. The “shop” option will only be available initially in limited markets. Along with the Shops feature, Facebook has also announced plans within the next few weeks to introduce its newest “Services” function for professional service providers – which allows for one-click bookings of specific services as well as image and price advertisements directly from a Facebook Business page.

There is no doubt the added benefits to smaller businesses will create a more competitive market by targeting Facebook’s 1.7 billion users.


Twitter Launches “Instant Unlock” To Keep Engagement Numbers Growing

Untitled.jpg Twitter wants your audience to unlock the discounts and deals to your brands with it new “Instant Unlock” feature. Now you can create ads with compelling images or videos that include call-to-action buttons with customizable hashtags. Instant Unlock Cards incentivize users to Tweet by offering access to exclusive content or discounts. This is a great way to create a bigger buzz around any business or product by adding increasing numbers to your analytics! Twitter touted the success of AMC, which earlier this year offered people who tweeted their content an opportunity to watch an unreleased movie trailer.

As Facebook and Instagram remain strong in their promotional innovation, Twitter’s latest move proves they are not backing down when it comes to new ways of generating engagement in relation to business and organic traffic.

(Image source: Twitter.com)

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