Facebook Getting Crafty With Creative Hub Update

Advertisers and creators: Facebook is encouraging you and your team to share content in the Creative Hub!

Meanwhile, LinkedIn is adding extra insights to Profile Views, and Pinterest has big plans for its Visual Search feature after raising over $150 million in venture funding in this week’s trending social media news.

LinkedIn’s ‘Profile Views’ Gets a Boost

LinkedIn’s latest update will give users the ability to see everything from total profile views, to exact keywords used to facilitate search results and more importantly, why, in an ongoing effort to improve user experience.

There is no doubt these new features will help businesses and professionals improve their online presence. How will you use these new features to your advantage?

Pinterest’s Breathes New Life Into Visual Search

Social juggernaut Pinterest is sparing no expense when it comes to its visual search and global expansion efforts by investing in features such as Lense, which allows users to search its database with a simple photo.

Additional visual search tools allow users to see relevant and similar data in regards to their searches by hovering over a “see more” tab on each pin, giving users instant search results using AI generated technology.

Marketers, the ball is in your court. There has never been a better time to start ‘pinning.’

Facebook Updates Creative Hub

In an effort to help streamline the creative process for digital marketers and publishers, Facebook has released several new updates to its mobile ad tool Creative Hub.

The updates to the Creative Hub include new tools allowing publishers to test and share ad formatting directly from within the Creative Hub, in-depth mobile video optimization and more.

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