Easy Ways To Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

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To get the most out of your Pinterest account, it’s high time you start treating it like some of your other social media outlets. After all, Pinterest is neck and neck with Facebook and Twitter when it comes to popularity. So why not take ten minutes to get the most out of your Pinterest profile? Here are a few easy ways you can spruce up your Pinterest profile to increase traffic and followers.

If you haven’t already done so, give your profile some personality with a quality image (headshot or logo) and a short descriptive bio. Include your website domain and don’t forget to verify it. Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share your pins across multiple social media platforms and increase brand awareness.

Make sure your board names are relative. I love wordplay as much as the next guy, but a board titled “Nom Nom Nom” is less likely to be searched for than a board titled “Recipes.” While you’re at it, make sure to categorize your boards appropriately, too.

To keep your profile looking fresh, switch up your cover photos once in a while. Choose pins with an aesthetically pleasing image of relevance. You’ll also want to rearrange your boards so that your best content is at the top.

As for the content you pin, mix it up. Beautiful images are important, but offer some variety by pinning other content such as infographics, videos, and text overlays. The more variety in your pins, the more traffic you will attract.

Aside from your own content, it’s important to repin other pinners’ content too. Include boards and pins of topics not related to your business or brand. Think everyday topics such as fashion, home decor, cooking, or whatever else interests you. This will help increase your followers and give you and your brand more personality.

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