Digital Ad Buying, Live-Streaming Tweets, and Instagram Blockbuster Offer | Social Media Trends

Digital Ad Buying, Live-Streaming Tweets, and Instagram Blockbuster Offer | Social Media Trends
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Auditions are out, and Instagram role offers are in when it comes to Hollywood blockbusters. Meanwhile, Twitter is looking for an edge in the live social media broadcasting battle and the FYI on where to put your digital ad spend for maximum ROI!

These are the trending social media stories in the news this week:

Ad Advantage

Advantage Facebook and Google.

If this were a tennis match, we might see 6-0 across the board when it comes to social media advertising, as both Google and Facebook dominate the competition.

A new report from @TheMotleyFool estimates that digital ad spend will be $83 billion in 2017 with 74% of that spend funneling through Google and Facebook.

Google Search ads will account for nearly $29 billion this year – that’s 78-cents of every dollar!

Facebook dominates the digital display arena with businesses spending $16.33 billion on the platform. Google is the next largest display ad provider with $5 billion in ad sales.

Are you running digital ads elsewhere and seeing great results? Let us know!

Live Tweeting

We may have to rewrite the definition for live-tweeting!

What used to be a running tweet narrative of an event through a series of 140-character messages may now actually become live-streaming natively on Twitter!

While the platform has spent the last couple of years inking deals for live video content, the platform hasn’t enabled seamless live-streaming for the Twittersphere without the use of third-party provider Periscope.

@FortuneMagazine, citing a report from @TheInformation, claims that the channel is going to open up its API to allow user direct live-streaming in a tweet. This is a big change where users needed to utilize Periscope (which Twitter bought) to live-stream on the platform.

The live-streaming capabilities would rival Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

If your business succeeding at live-streaming?

Instagram Leads: Mission Possible

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s an Instagram!

Digital Ad Buying, Live-Streaming Tweets, and Instagram Blockbuster Offer | Social Media Trends 2

We frequently blog about tagging your audience on Instagram, starting a conversation, and building a connection to a new customer or client.

Well, we have some social proof with a Hollywood connection that will knock your socks off!

Director Christopher McQuarrie (@ChristopherMcquarrie) posted on Instagram Tagging actor Henry Cavill.

“Say, @henrycavill. Had a thought. Curious if you’re interested in a role in the 6th installment of Mission: Impossible. No pressure!”

Cavill quickly jumped in and replied, exciting fans around the world!

“Only if I get to fly for real,” the actor posted.

“I do believe I specified practical stunts. You in?” McQuarrie asked.

“Oh ok…..I’m in!” Cavill responded.

While the deal may have been inked earlier (@Variety had reported it days earlier), it allowed the fans to feel part of the story.

While your business probably isn’t preparing for a silver screen blockbuster, the platform provides an opportunity to reach out to a target audience.

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