Decorate Your Pics With Twitter’s #Stickers

Source: Twitter

Have you ever felt that your pictures on Twitter lacked a little oomph? With Twitter’s new #Stickers, you can put your creativity to the test by adding accessories, emojis, and props to your photos. No more boring photos!

Stickers allow users to decorate their pictures and fill them with expression. For example, you can use Stickers to add sunglasses to your friend’s face, support a special cause, add elements into the background, or illustrate how you’re feeling.

Twitter recently introduced #Stickers on its blog, saying that soon these stickers will be able to be used on the app. Twitter seems to be trying to capture some of the magic that users have discovered on Snapchat. The storytelling platform has been soaring in popularity since launching a couple of years ago.

Like a snap on Snapchat, you can use multiple stickers on a photo and adjust them accordingly. It’s up to you and your imagination to decorate your photos.


The reason Twitter is using the hashtag #Stickers is to make your photo searchable after you Tweet a photo with stickers added to it. By tapping on a sticker in a Tweet, you can to see how people around the world are using that sticker in their pictures.

You’ll be able to check out the fun of #Stickers within the next few weeks on both iOS and Andriod. Stickers will also be able to be viewed and clicked on from too. The social media platform already has great photo editing features including filters, tags, cropping and accessibility options but now #Stickers is furthering their features.

Will this be enough to help Twitter pick up more users after having been passed by Snapchat users? The fun and exciting features on Snapchat have helped the platform reach 10 billion video views a day.

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