Choosing The Best Social Media Part 2

Continuing from last week’s post, choosing the best form of social media is a task that has many options.  Every business is going to find value in different social media channels. Between the top 8, TwitterFacebookPinterestFoursquareLinkedInYouTubeGoogle+ and Blogging, each serves a different purpose.  To learn how Facebook and Twitter can help your business, read Choosing the Best Social Media


One of the recent additions to main stream social media was Pinterest.  This channel has become very popular for companies to use in an effort to grow their business.  Pinterest predominately is a visual form of social media, harboring the reactions and engagement that people have towards pictures.  This site allows you to pin (which is simply to upload or add) something to the site.  This is called a pin.  Within Pinterest there are many different categories (called boards) where people place pins.  You can repin (repost) images to different boards as well as repin entire boards.  You can almost think of it as a virtual bulletin board.  Businesses can use this site to showcase products and to share with their followers a visual peak into their company.  But Pinterest isn’t just about pictures.  You can also pin links to websites, like a blog, or anything you feel necessary.  Since Pinterst is fairly new, so many businesses are experimenting with what works and what doesn’t. The beauty of the site is that its free and it’s buzzing right now.  It has roughly 11 million users and is third in in all of social media for referral traffic, behind Facebook and Twitter.


Foursquare, also a relatively new outlet, is a location based social media channel which allows users to check in at certain locations and share with their friends.  This social  media outlet is not for all brands due to the fact that someone has to physically check in somewhere that represents your brand, i.e a store.  Virtual companies really don’t have a use for this however any brand with a store, an event, a warehouse or a brick and mortar of some sort may find this useful.  As more people use Foursquare and more people check-in at your location the more exposure your brand tends to get.  Businesses such as restaurants may particularly find this channel useful.  Customers who check-in can leave reviews and tips which in turn builds the credibility of the brand.  With 20 million users, it’s a channel that is beginning to grow in popularity.

To learn more about which channels may best suit your business needs, be sure to read on 10/1/12!

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