Why Pictures Are Pivotal & Pinterest Academy | Social Media Help Desk 93

Feb 2020

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this certainly rings true when looking for eye-catching content to post on social media. In this week’s edition of Social Media Help Desk, Director of Operations Stephen Wagner, Junior Content Editor Kayson Martin, and Content Editor Tiffany Lundberg discuss what to look for when picking the perfect photograph to tell your story. They also break down the new e-learning tool, Pinterest Academy, and discuss the latest news in the world of social media.

In The News (00:50 – 07:04)

Have you missed the old chronological order of Instagram posts on your feed? If the answer is yes, there may be some good news in your future. Plus, Pinterest shares are dropping thanks to the low-key release of a new app from Facebook, and who took home the honor of top dog in video streaming apps? Director of Operations Stephen Wagner has the answers.


Telling Your Story With A Snapshot (07:06 – 12:40)

When posting content to your social media platforms, the image you choose can often be more important than the words. With billions of active users across the globe, it’s crucial to pick an eye-catching photograph or video. Junior Content Editor Kayson Martin explains what you should keep in mind when selecting your images.


Attending Pinterest Academy (12:46 – 16:30)

Pinterest is one of the largest social media channels, with over 300 million users. And with that kind of audience, it’s no surprise it’s becoming an ideal platform for companies to sell their products and share their brand’s story. That’s why the social media site is launching “Pinterest Academy,” a free e-learning tool featuring multiple marketing courses. Content Editor Tiffany Lundberg discusses how it works.


Did you know, 90% of weekly pinners use Pinterest to make purchase decisions.

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