Why Beauty Brands Should Use Pinterest

Sep 2020

collage of photos attached on a boardBeauty brands reach a majority of their audience through social media. With different platforms to showcase products, there’s certainly an opportunity to get reach and engagement. But is there a platform that stands above the rest? Instagram may come to mind for beauty brands, but Pinterest is one of the best platforms to share your products.

On top of its visual format, most users on Pinterest search for items proactively on Pinterest. And, often they save them. Cataloging Pins on boards allows beauty businesses to go more in-depth with their products for different looks, product demonstrations, and tutorials. Consumers like to see products in use before they buy them and Pinterest delivers. 

If your beauty brand isn’t on Pinterest yet, it may be time to get onboard with creative content marketing with the help of a digital marketing agency. Consider our reasons why you should use Pinterest for your beauty business.

Better Visibility

On Pinterest, you’ll find that posting regularly and often is necessary. During a search, Pinterest presents posts in a gallery view and mixes them amongst various brands. When you have an abundance of posts, you are likely to appear more often under different key phrases. Ensure that you are sharing high-quality, creative, and visually-pleasing content so your beauty brand gets noticed. Pinterest is all about visuals. If you’re finding it hard to stand out, consider using video to draw attention to your posts on a static board.

Extended Lifespan of Posts

Users on Pinterest tend to save, or Pin posts to their personal boards so they can reference them in the future. This act creates a longer lifespan for your content and retains familiarity with your brand. People who Pin posts are in the process of planning, and saving your posts will keep you top of mind. Whether you focus on one category or have a line of different products, displaying variety and versatility with your products can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Brand Personality on Display

Pinterest’s layout is synonymous with inspiration or mood boards. These boards reflect what a person may want to look like, aspire to be, or their beauty goals. Users Pin posts to their boards to further build on an idea, and this is where your brand can shine. Share posts that play on your brand’s personality. Branch out with posts on topics such as beauty routines, holiday looks, or big life events, along with product posts themselves.


megaphone94% of marketers use social media for content distribution.

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