Three Ways You Can Use Email Marketing To Reach Las Vegas Locals

Aug 2020

As a local business owner, every dollar you spend on marketing to your Las Vegas customers matters. Email marketing is an efficient and affordable way that you can reach locals, grow your overall customer base, and build rapport within the city. Here are three ways you can use email marketing to work for your business and help you reach more locals.

Branded Monthly Newsletter

A simple way to reconnect with your local customers is to use a branded monthly newsletter that offers an insider look or exclusive discount. Using the list of customers you currently have, you can share news about your business, talk about how you’re keeping up with new safety measures to protect customers and staff, reveal a special event or new product, and share your expertise. The key to making this email stand out is to be personal and be creative. Instead of calling it a monthly newsletter, give it a catchy title. Don’t forget to create a compelling headline and use the subscriber’s name in the email.

Corks n’ Crafts Las Vegas does a great job of providing a unique bi-monthly newsletter to announce events, new crafts, and exclusive discounts. They’ve even added a craft corner section that gives viewers a preview of how to perform a craft and ideas of kid-friendly activities families can do at home. They’ve even included emojis and questions in their headlines. You can use many of these same tactics to reach Las Vegas locals.

Email Drip Campaigns

The purpose of an email drip campaign is to attract the right subscribers and send them relevant emails that help turn them into loyal customers. This type of campaign does especially well for those customers that may be new to your business. Usually organized in a series of three to five emails, your business can use an email drip to start the conversation and increase the chances of customers filling out a contact form or purchasing a product. 

Start out your series by providing your contact with an offer, such as a coupon or downloadable. Then, follow up with more information such as a blog post or other suggested products or services to give your subscriber another opportunity to act. If they still have not acted, follow up a third time with more information about your brand or products, such as a testimonial, review, or local media mention or feature. These three touchpoints will help you better understand the people in your audience, lower the risk of unsubscribers, and increase leads.

Email Blast

Another tactic you can use in your email marketing strategy is an email blast. These emails are a great way to help support a campaign you are currently running or give an exclusive offer to segments of your list. Think of your email blast as another opportunity to connect with your subscribers and build a valuable relationship. Send a new product announcement with a limited offer to customers that are part of a monthly subscription program. Your email blast will likely result in them making another purchase because they trust your brand and feel like they are getting a great deal. Offer a free one-on-one coaching session or consultation to clients that still haven’t committed to purchasing a service. You can even use an email blast to invite subscribers located closest to your business to an exclusive event. 

Email marketing can help you better connect with Las Vegas locals and grow your business. You can customize your messaging to better fit each of your subscriber groups and more easily convert them into repeat customers.


megaphone59% of consumers say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions.

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