4 Platforms You Should Use For PPC

Mar 2022

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?4 Platforms You Should Use For PPC

Pay-per-click, commonly known as PPC, is a digital marketing tool where businesses pay every time their advertisement is clicked. PPC  focuses on results with the targeted audience, whether that be sales growth, lead generation, or brand awareness. Creating a PPC campaign can be overwhelming, so let’s start by looking at four popular platforms for PPC advertising in depth. 

Google Ads  

Google Ads is the most used and well-known platform for PPC. Your campaign can take the form of a display ad, search ad, app ad, shopping ad, or video ad. While setting up the campaign, you can set a budget, customize your target audience, and focus on certain keywords for better relevancy. Focusing on keywords can get your ad to the top of search results, and help you meet the goal of increased traffic on your website. 


Facebook & Instagram Ads 

Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for PPC, especially if your focus is on the interests and demographics of your audience. For example, if a business has been looking for ways to better manage different social media platforms, then ads for businesses that offer social media management will likely appear. Within the setup of the ad, you have the ability to choose the objective, such as website traffic or brand awareness, your target audience, budget, and ad format. 


Twitter Ads 

The focus of Twitter ads are similar to those of Facebook and Instagram, revolving around personalization components. When setting up the PPC campaign, businesses select the target audience and choose from eight objectives for the ad. These include new followers, tweet engagements, website traffic, and more. 


What’s Right For You?  

When it comes to picking a PPC platform to advertise on, keep in mind that you have different platforms to choose from. It is important to remember the focus of each platform and how that aligns with your business’ goals, whether that be based on active keyword searches or by relatable interests from your audience. 


Website visitors through PPC advertising are 50% more likely to purchase something than visitors from organic media. 


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