9 Awesome Fonts That Will Dramatically Boost Your Blogs

typography-1069409_1920Whether we know it or not, the way the content we are reading is composed has an affect on how we comprehend the material, and how we feel about what we are reading. The same can go for fonts throughout a blog post. While the standard Times New Roman font is inoffensive to most readers, varying the fonts throughout your blog post can make sure the audience understands the theme and tone of the piece without realizing it.

Start by thinking about what your blog post is saying and who you are selling to. Are you trying to convince your reader about something you feel passionate about? Are you sharing creative ideas with your reader or is the post informative and educational? Your writing for these posts would all contain a different tone, so the font you choose should reflect that as well.

Educational Post

For an educational post you should keep the front simple and clean. Posts that are full of new information can sometimes be hard for the reader to understand. Using a wider spaced font with white space leaves room for your audience to take it slow and fully understand everything you are teaching to them.

For an educational post try this font here: Century Schoolbook, Didot, Modern No. 20

Persuasive Post

When writing a persuasive piece you are trying to convince your audience or change their mind about something. Your writing will be assertive so your font should reflect that. Try out a bold and structured font that will help give strength to your tone and convince your audience of what you are saying.

Try this for a more persuasive post: Bondoni 72, Lao MN, Hoefler Text

Creative Post

The more creative the post the more freedom you have when deciding on a font. Regardless of the specific topic you are writing about, if the overall theme of your blog is in the creative space, you can use the font you choose to inspire your audience further. Different and more unique fonts will open your audiences’ minds further and support your create topic in a new way.

If your post is more creative try this: Xingkai SC Light, Savoye LET

Selecting a font can be unique to you and what you are writing about, but remember to keep it relevant to your blog, product, or service and the overall tone you are trying to convey. Next time you sit down to create content for your blog keep these ideas in mind and choose a different font that will be right for you and your audience.

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