4 Under-the-Radar Instagram Features You Should Utilize

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You may have noticed that Instagram recently made several new updates. The social media giant is always evolving, making it harder for businesses to stand out. A successful Instagram account for your brand depends on more than just posting captivating photos, writing clever captions, and networking with influencers. Here are four under-the-radar tips to maximize your Instagram experience.


Sending Instagrams

You probably like or comment on 99% of the posts on your feed. But the send button (right arrow) is an untapped resource for sharing posts with only a specific set of people. If you’re looking for brands or ideas on Instagram and wish to share them with your fellow creative collaborators, use the send button to have a private conversation about the post. But you should know that the original poster would also see your comments. This step is much easier than screenshotting the post on your phone and emailing it. You can also send it to multiple people at once, creating a group chat around the post. In the chat, you’ll be able to send likes, messages, photos. If you don’t want to be a part of the conversation, you can disable notifications for your chat too.

Sharing Posts

See something that you love on Instagram and want to share it with friends on other platforms? Another way to share posts is to click on the downward arrow in the top right corner of the photo. Click “Share” and you will be able to either share the post onto another social media channel (i.e. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr) or email or copy the link. This is a great way to share a past Instagram that you wish to add to your Facebook as fresh content. You can also copy the link and paste it into a blog as an external link you use for a reference.

Untagging Yourself in Photos

It’s awesome to have fans targeting your brand, but quality must rule over quantity. Occasionally, tagged Instagram photos can often include images from users you do not want to be associated with. To control your brand’s image, untag yourself from unprofessional or spam-like photos. Make sure each photo that your brand is tagged in is appropriate, adds value to your business, and ideally that your target audience is reflected in the users of the tagged photos. You can learn how to untag yourself in Instagram photos here.

Correcting Photo Map Locations

Tagging locations in each of your posts will add your photo to another search database – the bank of photos for that specific tagged location. But you don’t have to be posting from a specific location to tag that location. Get creative and use the geotagging feature whenever possible. Your office may be in Southern California, but if you’re posting about the Eiffel Tower, geotag the photo Paris, France. People can learn about your business account, even if you’re halfway across the globe. Another great tool with geotagging is adding locations to old photos or update ones that have had misplaced dropped pins when they were posted the first time.

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