3 Things Companies Look For When Working With Influencers

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They don’t call it social media for nothing! Sometimes when it comes to connecting and marketing to an audience online, collaborating with others is key. After all, you can’t make it to the top of the pyramid without someone else giving you a leg-up! If your brand is looking for a boost, it may be time to bring a new type of team member on board.

Working with social media influencers can be a company’s golden ticket to reaching a target audience. A social media influencer has the reach and reputation needed to help a brand deliver a message. More importantly, an influencer has the power of their audience’s trust. An influencer’s endorsement can turn followers into true fans of a business and convert likes and comment into sales. Here’s what companies should look for in a successful influencer partnership:


A Strong Reputation

Strength in numbers is a real thing. A large following helps show that an influencer’s content resonates with an audience and that they have a dedicated fan base. But before you send a direct message in their direction, take a step back from playing the numbers game and determine if the influencer is truly connecting or just putting on a show. Credibility is crucial when it comes to working with a social media influencer, and measuring trustworthiness as a potential partner starts with examining the content they’re sharing. If they’re sharing credible information and they give value to their followers, then you’re on the right track!


A Tuned In Audience

An influencer can have a strong following and be sharing solid content, but if their audience isn’t tuned in, your partnership might want to wait until they can boost their metrics. The best way to measure audience feedback is by checking the engagement your influencer receives on their social channels. Without an engaged audience, any sponsored posts supporting your company will fall flat, and no one will hear your brand’s intended message.


A Good Fit

With so many influencers that have the above qualities, how’s a brand supposed to select someone? It’s all about the fit. Does the influencer conduct himself or herself in a way that lines up with your brand voice and values? Does the content match your company’s aesthetic? Is their audience a part of your target audience? Knowing your own brand will help aid in choosing the best influencer for your company!


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