3 Great Ways to Find Content For Your Brand

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With so many social media channels inundating your mind with content, how do you sift through it all to find the best content to share for your brand?

It’s best to develop a habit of knowing where to look for reliable sources. By bookmarking a few sites, you can better find relevant content for your brand that you can repurpose or repost to your target audience.


LinkedIn Pulse

Anyone can access LinkedIn Pulse, even if you do not have a LinkedIn account. (However, it’s recommended you do set up a LinkedIn account if you’d like to take advantage of Pulse further by publishing your own articles there.) The news magazine inside LinkedIn, Pulse acts as a place where LinkedIn features short articles by a myriad of guests and LinkedIn users. The topics always span professional areas, making it a great place for businesses to find compelling, important articles and not just the fluffy stuff you find on other social media sites. If you’re looking for content that adds value to your business page and will resonate with your target audience, Pulse is the place to look. Pulse’s articles blend topics trending in the news and topics benefitting businesses and career-driven individuals. Pulse is not used by as many people, and therefore serves as a smart choice to draw content from.

On Pulse, you can follow other people, news organizations, and topics to create your own special news feed. This tactic helps you narrow down your feed to the right types of content for your business.


You may think of Pinterest as a home for artistic businesses or e-commerce based brands, but what many people do not realize is the great search ability for “how-to’s” on Pinterest. Designed to attract its audience with high quality lifestyle images, Pinterest is also very link heavy and rich in article links. Utilize the search bar to find exactly what types of articles, blogs, or tips you seek about a particular topic.

Googling images just doesn’t cut it sometimes; you need to find beautiful visuals that aren’t copyrighted. Easy answer: Pinterest. Unless a visual has a watermark or branding logo on it, all images sourced from Pinterest are safe to use for reposting or repurposing for social media posts.

Reminder: You must create a Pinterest account to search for content on Pinterest. 

Google Alerts

Google Alerts are a key staple in tracking press mentions of your brand name or business. Go to Google.com/alerts to set up your alerts. Simply type in the keywords you wish to track. Every time that word is mentioned in the news, Google will email you a list. Three things you should create alerts for: the name of your business, keywords in your industry, and other topics relevant to your business.

You can adjust the number of times you are emailed alerts, either daily or weekly. You can also choose to receive all your alerts in one email or separately. To avoid being bombarded, I recommend organizing your alerts into a once a week email. This serves as a time-efficient way to review the weekly updates on topics related to your brand and allows you to plan ahead for a week of content.

These top three sources will make creating content for your business’ social media much simpler. Planning ahead will save time; learn more about how to create a content calendar.

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