In The News: Algorithm Changes, Twitter Lists, and Instagram DMs on Desktop
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Love it or hate it: social media keeps changing, evolving, and updating in efforts to know you (and sell to you) better. This week in the social media world, the algorithm is adding more music and ads into your feeds, … Read More

The Future Is Here: AR Beauty Try-Ons, Cryptocurrency, and Hacker Solutions

When The Jetsons were on TV jetting around in their flying car, things like virtual reality and cryptocurrencies seemed as achievable as flying pigs. This week in social media news, we see a few emerging features that not too long … Read More

A Social Summer

Planning your island getaway this summer? Pack your bags; just don’t set your social media on vacation mode this summer. While the next few months are filled with events, soirees, and trips, it’s the perfect time to launch a summer … Read More

The One Stop Show

Lately, it seems like social media updates keep rolling out. They all have the same goal: to make your social media experience more worthwhile and simplified. While so many new updates may seem overwhelming at first, soon you’ll be booking … Read More

What’s Up With LinkedIn Hashtags?

Hashtags – everyone has an opinion about them between how many is too many and if its worth to use them on certain platforms. Since the pound sign became a “hashtag” on Twitter in 2007, it’s been used to start … Read More

Hop On Board the Vertical Social Media TV Train

You spot something epic; and like millions of others, you stop to pull your phone out to record it. Question: do you hold your phone vertically or horizontally? If you said vertically, you’re like many others accelerating the trend of … Read More

Video is the Best Play… But Don’t Get Thrown Out Of The Game

LinkedIn Live is creating early success for entrepreneurs, Instagram tries to cope with the poor performance of IGTV, Google+ says goodbye, and YouTube is bringing out the umpires and throwing people out of the game. One thing is sure: the … Read More

How Do I Measure The Success Of My Social Media Channels?

The question of how to measure “success” is something everyone faces. During school, it was your report card. At work, it might be how you rise through the ranks. There are fairly clear metrics in most situations, but when it … Read More

Precedent-Setting Case Rules It Illegal to Buy and Sell Followers and Likes

It’s safe to say that a lot of us have become obsessed with the number of followers and “likes” our content receives.  Many users have even gone so far as to purchase fake followers and “likes” to boost their credibility. … Read More

Facebook Goes All In on AI for e-commerce

Snapchat uses a VR feature to celebrate Black History Month, Facebook acquires a new shopping software, and YouTube is changing its algorithm to help you out. These are some of the trending stories in social media this week.   Take … Read More

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