Social Media Case Study: Using Compelling Stories to Craft Engaging Content

Aug 2023

At KWSM, we know that original content is crucial for establishing our clients as leaders in their industries. In every piece of content, whether it be a blog post, social media post, white paper, eBook, newsletter, or video, our goal is to provide valuable information for the client’s target audience that showcases their brand and expertise and tells their story in an engaging way. Check out this social media case study in the content marketing strategy we built for The Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

The CMOHS’s membership is comprised of those who were awarded the Medal of Honor, our nation’s highest military award for valor. As individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, the Medal of Honor Recipients demonstrate the values of courage, sacrifice, integrity, commitment, patriotism, and citizenship. The CMOHS is a nonprofit organization that preserves their stories and shares their values through outreach and education initiatives to help civilians understand the potential within each one of us to impact the world.

Social Media Case Study

Our primary goal for The CMOHS is to help tell the organization’s story and share its mission with an online audience in order to spread awareness of various programs. We lay the foundation for The CMOHS’s marketing strategy through strategic, informative, and inspirational content.

Creating an Effective Content Strategy

Creating consistent, high-quality online content that is catered to your target audience has proven time and time again to be an effective method of establishing brand loyalty through ongoing communication. 

We always monitor post performance closely, and see that The Congressional Medal of Honor Society garners the strongest reactions from their followers when we share stories about Medal of Honor Recipients — their background and detailed accounts of their selflessness and bravery. 

Remember, creating engaging content isn’t just about hitting high numbers. Each like, comment, share, etc. represents a real person on the other side of the screen with a story of their own. The goal of any marketer should be to create content that taps into their stories as well.

As journalists, we know that people connect with stories. Readers will always respond more strongly to a story that touches their emotions than a purely informative post. The stories about Recipients illustrate loyalty and valor – not only are these human emotions that most of us resonate with, they are also the core values of The CMOHS and its programs. Therefore, our content was not just telling the stories of the brave men who received the Medal of Honor, it was helping to tell the story of the organization itself.

As we began to regularly incorporate Recipient stories in the content each week on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, we saw the metrics change. In just 30 days, our Total Reach doubled and Engagement tripled without any paid promotion. We also saw a significant uptick in the traffic to the website and a healthy increase in new followers across all social media channels. 

With hundreds of shares, reactions, link clicks, and comments on these types of posts, it is evident that the art of storytelling makes a difference when creating content. Paying close attention to what your audience responds to and making insightful organic content that speaks to their emotions can be just as effective as running a well-placed ad — sometimes even more effective.

It is a privilege to help The Congressional Medal of Honor Society share its story and the stories of Recipients with the world. The CMOHS’s mission has always been to inspire others, and now they have a well-crafted content plan in place to help them do it.


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