3 Facebook and Instagram Ad Trends to Try in 2023

Feb 2023

Facebook and Instagram adWith so many cookie policies and tracking changes rolling out, it can feel like your Facebook and Instagram ads are no longer hitting the mark. In the past, typical social media ads required businesses to install a Facebook pixel on their website. This allowed Meta to pull user behavior data that could be used in targeting ads. Without clear targeting parameters such as interests, location, and demographics, creating an effective Facebook and Instagram ad can feel like throwing a needle into a haystack. Lead form ads, Reel and Story ads, and click-to-call ads are the solutions to this targeting obstacle.

Lead Form Ads

Lead form ads live only within the Meta platform with one sole purpose – obtain email addresses. Here’s how it works. Users will be served an ad on Facebook or Instagram. Typically this is seen in the form of a quiz, ebook download, or free consultation/trial promotion. 

When users click on the ad, they will be taken to a form where their email address is automatically collected. This also eliminates the possibility of users typing in fake emails. Once Meta collects these emails, business owners can download the list of emails captured and begin nurturing those lists through email marketing and direct sales campaigns. Thus resulting in more engaged and higher-quality leads.

In addition to having your audience’s direct contact in the palm of your hand, lead form ads are retargetable within the platform. When running your campaign, you can choose to show your ads to the list you previously created or upload a brand new email list altogether.

Reels / Story Ads

Video is the way of the future for digital advertising.  Users spend 75% of their time on Facebook watching video ads. This can be in the form of Reels, Stories, and feed posts. Reels and Story ads, however, will give you the biggest bang for your advertising buck. If done correctly, Reels and Story ads can receive double the engagement of typical ads.

Here’s how to use this ad format to your benefit. Start small and review your current text ads. Then pull out the most important information and create a condensed version in the form of a video. Focus on hooking the audience right away and use text, audio, and imagery to keep them moving through the whole clip. Maximize the effectiveness of this ad by connecting it to the lead form discussed earlier in this blog. Then you can capture users’ emails and continue to reach them on a more personal level.

Click to Call Ads

Call ads are the fastest way to connect your team with your warmest prospects right in the palm of their hands. Over 98% of Meta users access their social channels via mobile. These ads give business owners like you the upper hand by providing users with instant gratification through your click-to-call ad. 

If you feel your audience needs a little more time to learn about your business, you can try a call extension ad instead. This ad opens up a specific page on your website that coincides with the text in your ad. At the bottom of the page, a “call now” button shows up to prompt users to reach out directly to your team.

Get even more quality leads by combining all of these ad formats together in your lead-nurturing campaigns. You can do this by retargeting lists you created in your Reels and lead form ads and serving them a call ad with your company number. Those truly interested in your business will call and you’ll likely make the sale much faster.

83% of consumers claim that they use Instagram to discover new products.

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