How LinkedIn Can Support Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Sep 2023

Is it true that LinkedIn can support your digital marketing strategy?

Social media has become a key element in any effective digital marketing strategy. On LinkedIn specifically, customers look for industry information, including new potential roles to advance their careers, as well as product and service information and opportunities for one-on-one conversations with brands.

These types of searches make LinkedIn an important channel for new and existing companies to establish themselves.

The size of LinkedIn’s user base is also worth mentioning. Out of the 302 million people across the U.S. who use social media, 190 million come from LinkedIn alone.

As a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at KWSM, I’ve analyzed the behavior of many online users and helped hundreds of clients reach their target consumers. Typically, social media users will spend several hours each day scrolling through feeds, watching videos, and researching companies they are interested in purchasing from. 

LinkedIn supports a digital marketing strategy

As a result, many businesses come to KWSM wanting to incorporate social media into their digital marketing strategy. We help them use channels like LinkedIn to reach these active users, build their trust, and foster an online community of supporters. 

Also, LinkedIn can support your digital marketing strategy with recently added tools that help business owners maximize their on-platform experience.

In this blog, I’ll share how LinkedIn plays a role in your digital marketing strategy and how these channels have helped clients I’ve worked with.

How to Use Social Media in a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategies are created with your audience in mind. When it comes to using social media as a tactic in your strategy, focus on connecting with your target audience authentically. The best way to grow this audience organically is by building relationships with them. 

These relationships with your audience begin with your business page. Show the world what’s happening behind the scenes with unique videos, reels, testimonials, or photos of your team at work. 

By using LinkedIn to nurture these relationships, you can drive qualified leads for your products and services, network with your followers, and receive instant feedback with the click of a button.

Benefits of Using LinkedIn in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn has a variety of benefits for businesses. One such benefit is that LinkedIn can help employers find and recruit top talent. LinkedIn allows you to view a multitude of personal profiles that act as resumes, and you can send direct messages to prospects.

On the marketing side, LinkedIn can do even more. From promoting products and services to positioning your company’s leadership team as industry experts to sharing upcoming events, LinkedIn is the all-in-one spot for everyone to get to know your company. On both an individual profile and a business page, you can post recent blog posts as articles and share them within your network. You can also use LinkedIn ads to reach a broader audience and even collect leads without ever leaving the platform. 

One cybersecurity client I’ve worked with utilizes LinkedIn daily. As part of their strategy, we share posts on the company page, post blogs as LinkedIn articles, and network through the company president’s personal profile. 

As a result of these efforts, this client has received three six-figure leads from companies reading their articles and social posts. The content we published on LinkedIn helped establish both the company and the president as authorities in their industry and reinforced the business’s expertise.

LinkedIn‘s New Tools for Brands & Marketers

LinkedIn has recently added a new tool to the platform called the feed post scheduler. This feature allows users to:

  • Tag individual profiles and company pages
  • Schedule text, image, and video posts
  • Change scheduled times once the post is in the queue
  • Delete scheduled posts before publishing

Although scheduling posts ahead of time sounds great, there are some downfalls. On LinkedIn, you currently cannot make edits to scheduled posts once they are live. You also cannot schedule posts with multiple images. Additionally, social media platform algorithms have historically preferred live posting over scheduled posting because they know it’s coming live from a real person who is engaging with the platform.

I tested this post scheduler with one of my art logistics clients to see how posts performed in the current LinkedIn algorithm. I scheduled an image post to go live on a weekday at the same time I typically see users online. 

After reviewing the metrics on this scheduled post, I discovered that it received fewer engagements and impressions. The previous live post received double the number of impressions and engagement. While a small sample size, I’ve concluded that the current algorithm may reward users more for live posting.

Combine Your Efforts in a Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media, generally, and LinkedIn specifically can be a valuable component of your marketing efforts. However, posts and paid ads on social channels alone may not bring in the most qualified leads or help you meet your biggest goals. 

Whether or not LinkedIn can support your digital marketing strategy, the key to maximizing results on any social media platform is to use the tools at your disposal in conjunction with a more holistic marketing approach. This strategy takes the whole business into account and helps you create tactics that work together to build stronger relationships with your audience and ultimately lead them to make a purchase. 

71% of online users have purchased something after seeing a social media post.
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