Work ON Your Social Media, Not In It

I had the opportunity to see Michael E. Gerber, the author of the E-Myth, speak the other day. I have read his book, but hearing him speak was a entirely different experience. Inspiring, thought provoking, and motivating don’t even begin … Read More

Santa Does It, You Should Too!!

What could Santa possibly do that you should also?  He only goes out once a year, but you don’t meet those criteria.  He lives in the North Pole and hangs out with a bunch of elves.  We here at KWSM … Read More

9 Common Social Media Mistakes

Given the social media craze, many companies are jumping on board setting up a Facebook and Twitter profile which is great however they might not be aware of how the medium works and how it can help or hurt their … Read More

New Article: DON’T Be Social

I was perusing the MSN website this morning, when I came across this little gem of an article.  The title is Social Media Can Kill Your Career, But Not the Way You Think. Hmm, I think, probably another article about … Read More

Stumble Upon is the Bookmark to Beat

I had never really grasped onto the social bookmark sites like Digg, Delicious and Stumble Upon.  Part of the reason that it never caught on with me is that the first two had similar names and I didn’t see how … Read More

I Have a Facebook Fan Page… Now What?

But as your friends, fans and followers await your status updates… how many times have you looked at the blank box and thought ‘What the heck do I type in there?’ You’re not alone. As social media becomes an increasingly important tool for business, it becomes harder to know just how to use it effectively.

Feel Like the Underdog? Social Media Can Help.

Sports make me really excited about the underdog. The idea that a team that had everything stacked against them came through and beat all the big guys to make it to the end is such an inspiration.  But it also makes … Read More

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