Driving Web Traffic & Leads: An SEO Agency Case Study

Jun 2023
SEO Agency

A Southern California family law firm specializing in mediation wanted to grow their overall website traffic and drive more online leads. The firm was inactive on social media and had an outdated website with limited functionality, and needed the guidance of a trusted SEO agency to improve its lead generation and online exposure.

For the past 13 years, the KWSM team has helped clients of all shapes, sizes, and industries optimize their websites and online content to be found easily in search. By staying on the cutting edge of ever-changing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends and technologies, our clients are able to reach and convert a wider net of interested customers who wouldn’t have found them otherwise.

The Problem

This firm was facing slow website traffic growth and low conversion rates before partnering with KWSM. To draw more organic traffic and build the company’s visibility online, they needed an SEO agency to develop a digital marketing strategy that showcased their uniquely compassionate, family-focused approach taken by their attorneys, and allowed them to show up in more search results.

The Plan

Our strategy contained both organic and paid strategies to help the firm attract more families in need to their website, and convert them into clients. These included two SEO-optimized blog posts per week, or eight each month, that spoke to the pain that divorcees often face, and how a compassionate family law attorney can help them reach a settlement without breaking family ties or negatively impacting any children involved. 

We promoted these blog posts across the company’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and allocated a $200 monthly budget to boost the placement of these posts and reach a larger audience.

Blogging & SEO

Our team drafted a wave of blog posts that answered common divorce questions, common mediation inquiries, and showed visitors how a family-first divorce mediator could help them move on in a constructive manner. 

To improve our rankings on Google, we designed a twice-per-week blogging cadence. This meant that two blogs were posted on the website and promoted on social media each week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The blogs were optimized for SEO to target niche geo-specific keywords, such as orange county divorce mediator and mission viejo divorce attorney.

Along with blogging twice weekly, our team followed foundational on-page SEO best practices to appease Google’s standards. These include, but aren’t limited to:

Off-page SEO tactics were also employed, most notably in the form of social media marketing and boosted posts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Social Media Posts & Boosting

To give the client a larger digital footprint, our team built new company pages on Facebook and LinkedIn with custom-designed graphics. We then networked with the firm’s existing connections and posted twice per week on each platform, promoting new blog posts. 

Two of these posts were boosted each week, one from Facebook, and one from LinkedIn. Boosted posts are digital adverts created from existing content on a social media page, and are optimal for gaining more views and leads.

The Results

Before consulting KWSM, the firm averaged about 2,200 Impressions, 60 Clicks, and nine online conversions (form fills) per month, and was on the first page for 22 Google keywords.

After six months of partnering with us as their SEO agency, our work blogging, generating content on social media, and boosting social posts on Facebook and LinkedIn increased these metrics to 35K Impressions (1,490%+), 131 clicks (118%+), and 12 online conversions per month (33%+). First-page Google keywords also rose from 22 to 40 (82%+). 

After ten months of execution, these metrics skyrocketed to:

  • 50K+ Impressions (2,171%+)
  • 250 Clicks (317%+)
  • 78 First-Page Google Keywords (255%+)

Through a combination of locally optimized blogs and paid social media strategies, we successfully drove exponentially more traffic to the client’s website, went from 22 to 78 first-page keywords, and yielded 33% more online conversions or contact form fills. This campaign clearly illustrates the power of a consistent, SEO-driven digital marketing strategy, and how regular blogging efforts and complementary social media promotion can produce significant results in as little as six months. 

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