Why I’m Thankful for Social Media


And even though we are far away from our families this year, tucked into our little condo with the dogs, I have never felt closer to all the people in my life. It’s as if we’re sharing Thanksgiving with each and every one of them. Social Media did that. And I think it’s pretty amazing.

I Don’t Have 2000 Facebook Friends


Here’s something that gets me into arguments with other social media people: I won’t “friend” (yes, it’s a verb) anyone I don’t know. I’m not going to click on every face that shows up in the ‘People You May Know’ column on my home page. Because once we’re friends, you’re going to be let into my life.

That’s not to say that I’ve had deep, soul-searching conversations with all of my Facebook friends. I haven’t. But there has been some kind of interaction with all of them. If someone sends me a friend request, and I don’t know them – or if I really want to connect with someone who I haven’t actually met – I’ll send a Facebook message instead of the friend request. Hopefully, we’ll have some dialog and at some point, that conversation will move into a ‘friend’ ship.

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