The Poken and Other Forgotten Social Media Gems

Apr 2011

Remember back in the day when you had a MySpace page?  The busy, manic background and the way that you could load songs onto your home page just so folks could groove on how diverse your musical tastes are?   That is ironic because now the only people on MySpace are bands and even they probably log on wearing a hoodie so nobody can identify them.

Just like those fashions from high school, some social media platforms or ideas do not get better with age.  Some of them just look weird, while others were purchased and some just faded away.

The Poken

The Poken is a small, portable trinket that has a USB port on one end.  Put that end in your computer, log into the site and load up your information.  Find another person with a Poken, push the Poken together and their information is transferred to yours and vice versa.

However, in a year I have never met somebody with a Poken.  Plus it sounds weird, ‘Do you have a Poken’?  It’s vaguely sexual and can be cute or innocent, but if the other party doesn’t take it that way then it’s trouble all around.

The Bump app is like a Poken, except it’s an app on your iPhone or Android-and LOTS of people have those.  Oh, and the Bump app is free, unlike the Poken which will set you back $20.   It is interesting that the Bump app is not available on Blackberry though.

This was the service offered by Yahoo that let you share your blog through the Yahoo network.  I really liked MyBlogLog because it reminded me Bob Loblaw from Arrested Development.  However, MyBlogLog was cancelled and will be shutting its virtual doors in May.  The Arrested Development movie can’t come soon enough, quit teasing us already….

I actually forget what Mixx did.  I think it was a sharing service, kind of like StumbleUpon, except in this case they trounced every other sharing site online.  Regardless, Mixx has been acquired and “big changes are in store”, according to their site now.


Plinky is far from dead, I just stopped using them.  It’s one of those sites that you think is a great idea when you hear about it, sign up and then never use it again.  It’s social media shopping cart abandonment.      Plinky is meant to be a site that inspires writers by asking questions t hat you may not think of often.  “What can’t you leave home without” or “What was your first concert” are two of the questions you may see there.  For the record it’s my cell phone, wallet and Pat Benatar.

Are there any fond memories from social media sites or trends that you like?  We’d love to hear them and if you hear anything about Bob Loblaw or the AD movie let us know that too.


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