How to Improve Your Contests on Social Media

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Having zero participation in your contest is like inviting everyone from school to your birthday party and having no one show up. While we can’t change your childhood, we can improve your contest participation on social media! Use these five industry tricks to get the results you’re looking for.

Sweeten the Deal

If you don’t secretly want to cancel the contest and keep the prize for yourself, then the prize isn’t good enough. Give participants something they actually want to win. If you don’t have a big budget, try spacing out contests to sweeten the sweepstakes.

Make it Timely

Social media is all about what’s current and trending so your contest needs to be on the same wavelength. Incorporate current events to stay relevant and promote contest deadlines to create urgency.

Boost a Post

You no longer have to pay thousands of dollars in TV commercials to get people talking about your brand. With budgets cheaper than a five-dollar foot-long sandwich you can ensure people see it and engage with it.

Use a Unique Hashtag

Creating a custom hashtag for your contest can help extend its reach across some of the most popular platforms. If you choose to use hashtags on Facebook, we recommend limiting it to one or two because the more users see the less they’ll likely engage.

Ask for Something in Return

Nothing in life is free but if your giveaway is good enough, participants will be happy to help your cause. In order to enter, ask your fans to like your page, share a post, or submit reusable content like reviews and pictures with the product. Running contests can be a quick and easy way to boost your engagement and increase brand awareness.

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