How To Write Better Blog Content

Apr 2016

Listen up, my fellow bloggers: if you’re stuck in writing rut, it’s time to start with a swift kick in the keyboard to inject some virality into your blog writing. No matter your product, company, or the technicality of your topics, you can still boost your blogs to the next level with a few tried-and-true practices. The secrets to better blog writing? That would be a catchy title, thorough research, and result tracking to ensure your typing time is put to good use.


Photo: @chavez.thesilverfox
Photo: @chavez.thesilverfox

Come Up With a Titillating Title 

The same standard for traditional media headlines should be applied to your blog titles- the catchier, the better! The average reader decides in the first few seconds of reading your blog whether they will continue, so if you can initially grab their interest, you’ve got a much greater chance of getting them to the most important aspect: the call to action. It’s common practice to illicit a response from your readers at the end, to subscribe, to buy, etc. If you lose them in the first 10 seconds, they never have the chance to fulfill your request.

Become A Research Renegade

When your BS meter starts to go off as you’re reading an online article, you immediately move on to the next e-mail, blog, or article you should have been reading. Establishing trust online is a key component of successful digital marketing, and without proper research, your blog could end up with egg on its pages. Make sure you do thorough research of the topic you are writing about, even if it’s just to fact-check statistics, or ensure foolproof spelling. Hyperlinks are incredibly helpful for SEO, so when you find a high-quality source, try to link to it somewhere in your blog to maximize your exposure.

Track Your Traffic 

So you’ve outlined your ideas, reworked your title, and spent significant time completing the research legwork – all for what? Without taking the steps to track your blog traffic, you are doing yourself a disservice. The beauty of result tracking is that you will inevitably gain insight into what types of content perform best, what the ideal posting hours are, and how well your blog is driving traffic to other pages on your site. AT KWSM, we are fond of Google Analytics for data analysis, as its robust analytical capabilities allows us to see how long the average reader stays on the page, whether or not they revisited the post multiple times, and even if the reader subscribed to our newsletter or enrolled in bootcamp- brilliant!

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