Why You Should Consider Musical.ly Influencers For Your Brand

Mar 2018

The influencer space has exploded over the last couple of years to the point that almost every brand is using their own familiar network of influencers to reach their audience.

Platforms like Instagram and YouTube became the go-to platforms for influencers and brands to engage their target demographics. With the expansion of social media and influencer marketing, however, things have naturally evolved.

While Instagram remains the perfect avenue for reaching the Millennial market, a new app has begun tapping into outreach toward Generation Z (aka: “Gen Z”).

What’s the app? You may have heard of it: Musical.ly.

Musical.ly popped up in 2014 as the hot new app for recording lip-syncing videos. As of 2017 it reportedly hosts 200 million users and most are teenagers or younger. In just three short years, Musica.ly has set itself up to be the next great influencer platform.

The app works well for influencers because of its a self-proclaimed “outlet for creative expression and communication with friends,” and as a “platform that connects individuals to a vibrant and highly engaged community of content creators” according to Musical.ly’s homepage.

Gen Z is a unique demographic because they are adverse to traditional advertising, do not watch television, nor do they recognize mainstream celebrities. Why? Because they mainly only subscribe to online platforms – meaning they are most affected by social media influencers rather than TV commercials or celebrity endorsements.

So why is Musical.ly the perfect influencer tool to reach Gen Z specifically?

Instagram in 2016 reported that the majority of its users (25%) were Millennials ages 25 – 34, and same with YouTube stating that Millennials 25 – 34 made up of 40k of its users. But where is everyone 18 and under?

They’re on Musical.ly!

In 2017, 50 million users were surfing Musical.ly, all under the age of 21. And while the app has yet to be as streamlined for easy marketing (such as Facebook or Youtube, for example) Musical.ly has created a unique, organic bubble for brand’s to organically engage Gen Z as they are about to enter the market.

 Influencers on Musical.ly host an average of 6 million to 27 million fans. For comparison, YouTube sensation Pewdiepie carries 61 million and Kim Kardashian has a following of 108.2 million on Instagram. So while the number of followers is not quite as competitive as of yet, it’s important for marketers to remember that Musical.ly and its influencers have carved this growing niche in only three years.

The verdict?

There’s no argument that influencer marketing on social media is the way of the future. Marketers need to remain open-minded and willing to experiment with new ventures as they appear. With Musical.ly’s growing influence over a generation that is impossible to reach through traditional media and is becoming quickly isolated in a differing social platform, marketers might want to consider throwing their hat in the ring with influencers via Musical.ly.

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