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It can be tempting for brands to bombard Millennials in an avalanche of emojis and hope for the best, but this generation is a more nuanced demographic than you might expect. And as a generation with tremendous buying power, brands would be wise to learn all they can about Millennials’ social media habits. If you’re trying to reach this demographic through social media marketing, you need to adopt the right strategies to do so successfully.

Social Proof Is Everything

Millennials trust the opinions of their friends, family, and even strangers over brands. Brands can leverage this in their favor by incorporating social influencers, testimonies, and user-generated content into their social strategy. The more consumers and users Millennials see engaging with your brand, the better opinion they’ll have of you and the more likely they will be to trust you.

The Easier, The Better

Millennials grew up with on-demand entertainment, Internet capabilities, and the ability to find the answer to almost anything right at their fingertips. So their desire for instant gratification comes as no surprise. If it isn’t easy, convenient, and fast, you’ve already lost their interest. Brands need to keep this in mind when creating content, constantly thinking of new ways to present them with thorough, relevant information and solutions in an efficient and convenient way.

Showcase Your Values

Millennials’ often get a bad rap for being self-absorbed, but this kind of thinking could do your brand a disservice. Millennials care about being a part of something bigger than themselves, and they want to engage with brands that have a clear vision and mission. Whether through a commitment to core values or social responsibility, brands that put their values front and center are more likely to elicit an emotional response from Millennials, an essential step in building lasting and loyal customer relationships.

Stop With The Sales Pitch

Millennials don’t trust traditional advertisements, and they won’t be swayed by sales gimmicks. And can you blame them? They’ve been inundated with ads throughout their lives, causing them to view brands as untrustworthy corporations purely motivated by money. Instead, create content that informs, entertains, or otherwise provides value to your audience. Conversions should be a secondary consideration.

 Honesty Is The Best Policy

This generation cares about brand integrity, transparency, and authenticity – and they aren’t afraid to hold brands accountable. They are an inherently skeptical group that will only give attention to brands that they trust. When companies are honest and open with their audience, they humanize their brand, making it easier for consumers to relate and trust them.

If Millennials are your target market, these tips serve as a great starting point for building trust and nurturing a larger, more loyal customer base. For more information on making the most of your social media efforts, explore our blog or follow us on Facebook!






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