The Difference Between Millennials and Generation Z on Social Media

The Difference Between Millennials and Generation Z on Social MediaIn the recent years, marketers seemed to have an obsession with Millennials. How do we get their attention? What do they want to see? What are their interests, other than Game of Thrones, avocado toast, and Unicorn Frappuccinos? Well, move over Millennials, because Generation Z is getting older and becoming a hot topic amongst creative meetings. Now it’s, “how can we serve Gen Z?”

Before you can appeal to Gen Z, it’s essential to learn the significant differences between the Millennial generation and the Post Millennial generation. Rather than thinking, “it’s just a bunch of young people, how different can they be?” You should be thinking of the different circumstances that these two generations faced while growing up.


3 Key Differences Between Millennials and Gen Z

  1. Gen Z doesn’t remember the days of dial-up and playing ping pong on the computer. They grew up even more technologically advanced than Millennials, so their expectations are higher.
  2. Gen Z is less cautious when it comes to finances. Millennials grew up during the recession period, which taught them how to save and bargain. Gen Z didn’t face that struggle so they’re less likely to go the extra mile for a coupon.
  3. Diversity is a must for Gen Z. They are able to relate to people around the globe more than the former generation could. Think about it. More friendships and relationships are being formed through social media now that everyone who is anyone can be found on the platforms.


Marketing to Post Millennials

Where are they?

If Gen Z is the generation you’re after, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter should be on your brand’s radar. Of course, you should make sure the platform is right for your business, but when you’re at the drawing board, consider where your audience spends most of their digital time.

What do they want?

There are many things that are near and dear to the hearts of Post-Millennials, but there are their essentials you can focus on:

Technology: If you thought Millennials were spoiled with technology, you’ve never met a Gen Zer. We’re sure there are a few who wouldn’t even be able to identify a beeper.

Loyalty: Post Millennials like to feel appreciated. It’s not about them being loyal to you; it’s about you being loyal to them. Meaning, you should stick to being the brand they fell in love with, remain consistent with the quality of your product/service and provide the best customer service.

Diversity: Like we said, Gen Z didn’t have to travel the globe to be exposed to people from other cultures. Diversity is crucial to them, and they will notice when a brand is lacking in that aspect.

When do they want it?

Now! Of course, a generation who didn’t experience dial-up and the three most famous words in email—You’ve Got Mail—would be impatient. They grew up with lightning-fast Internet speeds and Netflix, where they can watch what they want, at their leisure.


Now that you know more about this diversity loving, technologically advanced generation, learn what type of emails you should be sending them.

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  1. Stephen (in Asia)

    Many thanks for your post. This is question many are asking but yet – few can really define or quantify? Appreciate much your insights..
    thank you

    • Shanice Gravesandy

      Thanks Stephen, It’s interesting to see the digital behaviors between the two generations. While they have their similarities, they both grew up under varying circumstances.