When is the Best Time to Send a Press Release?

Aug 2022

When is the Best Time to Send a Press Release_So you have great news about your business and are ready to share a press release with everyone in your industry. Before you hit send on your email, consider the timing of your news. In the blog, we look at the best days and time to send, days to avoid, and how to evaluate how current events might affect the results of your press release.

Best Days of the Week

The million dollar question many business owners ask about press releases: what day of the week is best? According to Cision, a news distribution tool, releases will receive optimal results when sent out on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. For many companies, Thursday sends regularly have the highest open rate. This is because people are catching up at the beginning of the week and working to plan for events coming in the weekend. 

Mondays are considered one of the worst days of the week to send a press release. Media and industry leaders alike commonly come into a flooded inbox at the beginning of the week. Your biggest news can get lost in the Monday madness. Likewise, Friday sends should also be avoided. Weekend content on the web and social media is often prewritten scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays.

Time of the Day

Time of day can make a difference as well. The best time to send a press release is between 10am and 2pm. Although this is a large time frame, studies have shown that email open rates will start to drop after lunch time. Cision also recommends sending your release after the top of the hour. Staggering the time you send your release can help you stand out in a journalist inbox.

Be Aware Holidays and Current Events

Even if you send your release on the right time of day and right day of the week, your news could still be lost amidst holidays and current events. Around holidays, the media are focused on the special events happening or any big news breaking out about the holiday. Holidays like Christmas and New Years are definitely days to be avoided. Most people are already on vacation or enjoying celebrations into the early hours of the day. Your company’s news, unfortunately, will be their last priority. 

Breaking news and current events should also be taken into consideration. If national news breaks out, don’t send out your release. Evaluate the state of the industry before deciding if your release is still newsworthy.

No matter what day you send your release, it is important that it contains the most newsworthy information in the simplest structure. Writing an effective press release is crucial. Adding the “Who, What, When, Where, and Why” and getting to the point quickly matters much more than posting your press release on the right day and time of the week.

44% of journalists say press releases are the most trustworthy source of brand-related information.

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