1 Key Question to Start Every Small Business Marketing Campaign

Aug 2022
As part of a marketing mentorship program, KWSM Digital Marketing Specialist David Jones maps out a landing page wireframe on a whiteboard before launching a small business marketing campaign.
KWSM Digital Marketing Specialist David Jones

Having just completed the KWSM Mentorship Program with Senior Copywriter Suzie Harrison, I’m excited to share the key takeaways that help me understand what makes customers buy. Once you know this, you can begin shaping marketing initiatives that speak to their needs and motivate them to purchase from you rather than your competitor.

In our marketing mentorship program, we focused on the strategy and the methods to transform visitors into customers. Small business marketing campaigns spend a lot of time and money bringing visitors to their websites, so it’s important to do whatever possible to increase the likelihood of converting them. That was the focus of my mentorship project this term.

Marketing Mentorship Program Curriculum

Suzie and I enrolled in the course, “Become a Marketer-Philosopher: Create and Optimize High-Converting Webpages,” from MECLABS founder Flint McGlaughlin. He taught the course over 3 months, as we took notes and debriefed after each lesson. The first three lessons focused on mindset, before shifting into skillset.

Transformational Small Business Marketing Campaigns Start with Mindset

The first lesson I want to share was profound for me. I learned that the real key to transformative marketing is transforming myself as a marketer. At its core, my revelation was to better understand the sequence of human thought and then use that knowledge to influence someone’s actions.

What stopped me and Suzie in our tracks, and framed the entire course for us, was when Flint McGlaughlin asked, “Why would your ideal customer purchase from you rather than one of your competitors?” Every business owner needs to be honest with themselves when they answer this question for their small business marketing campaign. Too often, business owners focus on tactics instead of strategy. Taking the time to truly understand the target audience and what motivates them, we can create campaigns that resonate on a deeper level. This connection will ultimately lead to more conversions and higher ROI. Suzie shares another takeaway from a copywriter’s perspective.

How would you answer that question? Put your response in the comments, below, and let’s start a conversation.

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