Instagram Removes the IGTV Icon, Pinterest’s Compassionate Search Spreads, and Twitter Limits Replies on Tweets

Jan 2020

Can searching for things online help you search your feelings? Things are changing for social channels in the news this week. Pinterest spreads its compassionate search to nine countries, Instagram removes the IGTV icon from its homepage, and Twitter is going to limit replies on tweets for a more positive experience!


Instagram Removes the IGTV Icon

Here and gone in a flash, Instagram removes the IGTV icon from the homepage. IGTV was intended to be a competitor to YouTube when it launched in 2018. Instagram enabled creators to make longer videos on IGTV and linked the apps with a feature icon for easy access. However, users came across these videos while rarely using the icon.

Although it is gone from the homepage, IGTV can still be found in Feed, the Explore tab, creator’s profiles, and the app itself. While logical in application, the public’s use of the icon concluded that not enough people were clicking onto it for it to be practical. It’s a sad and silent end for the IGTV icon.


Pinterest’s Compassionate Search Spreads to Nine Countries

To refresh your memory, this feature helps Pinterest users who are sad or distressed by placing content meant to improve their mood within the search of topics that may indicate they are not doing well. If a user interacts with these pins, they are not connected to their account and are kept private, so recommendations will not be tracked. 

We mentioned Pinterest’s “compassionate search” feature in a past blog, and at the time, it was only available in the United States. This week we see the feature extending to nine countries: the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. 

Pinterest is adamant about this feature not being used in place of professional help, but for those searching for support. It is a great feature spreading some compassion around the globe now, and we are here for it!


Twitter Limits Replies on Tweets 

You heard that right! Kayvon Beykpour, the head of product at Twitter, revealed that Twitter would be limiting the number of replies that a tweet receives to dial back on aggressive comments. In an interview, Beykpour spoke of how the mechanics of Twitter prioritize popular topics that get a lot of reach and popularity, which can also stem from outrage or negative topics. 

As an unspoken rule, reputation reigns on Twitter, meaning if you behave poorly, your credibility diminishes. By limiting the number of replies you receive, you can get your messages out without the overwhelming backlash. With this new feature, Twitter may become a more positive and open environment for all its users!


How do you feel about these changes to social channels?



Roughly 42% of Twitter users are on the platform daily.

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