In The News: Pinterest Prompts Breathing Exercises, Twitter Introduces LiveCut, and LinkedIn and Pinterest are the New Places for Influencers

Just when you think social media couldn’t possibly think of something else to update – it does. This week Pinterest added a new feature that picks up on stress pinning and prompts breathing exercises, Twitter adds LiveCut to Media Studio, and LinkedIn and Pinterest encourage you to make more videos if you want to be social media famous.


Stressed? Pinterest Is Here To Help

In the past few weeks, we have seen Twitter and Instagram make some updates to address bullying. Pinterest is joining in on the effort and perhaps taking it to the next level. Now if you’re struggling with negative emotions, Pinterest’s AI will prompt you with emotional well-being activities, including breathing exercises and positive words. This means if the platform senses you are stress-pinning, you’ll be prompted to slow down and breath, and if certain words such as “suicide” and “cutting” are searches, it will trigger pop-ups with information for helplines to help users find the help they need. Pinterest is calling this their “compassionate search” after seeing users search the platform for information on harmful topics. Good job, Pinterest!


Twitter Introduces LiveCut

Twitter has recently had some big changes on desktop, and now in their Media Studio, they are replacing their old editing tool, SnappyTV, with a new tool: LiveCut. Previously, SnappyTV was a tool that social media producers use to edit real-time video. While that function still exists, it is now an integrated piece of LiveCut, which offers that and so much more. Now producers can launch private broadcasts, share their real-time videos with a group, and even monetize video clips. “We’re confident that we’ve created a product that seamlessly serves video producers’ live-clipping needs on Twitter and, looking forward, will continue investing in it to develop new features that expand its functionality,” Twitter said in the LiveCut announcement.


Want To Be Social Media Famous? Focus On Pinterest And LinkedIn

You may be familiar with the term “influencers,” but did you know LinkedIn has a special name for their most influential users? LinkedIn creators are the influencers of the business-focused platform. Due to the high-volume of Instagram and Twitter influencers, we are seeing more and more creators pop up on LinkedIn and Pinterest. In fact, at VidCon there were numerous sessions on the two platforms with a similar message: if you want to get popular on social media, use video and go for the less saturated markets. “The big players like Instagram and Facebook are already capitalizing on videos and have been doing it for years – Perhaps it’s saturation or audience fatigue, but possibly LinkedIn [and Pinterest] can take those user behaviors that are second nature on other platforms and figure out how they work in a different environment.” said Jillian Ryan, principal analyst at research firm eMarketer. Sounds like it’s time to get the camera rolling!


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