Frequently Asked Questions about Social Media Bootcamp

Jan 2020

Bootcamp season is upon us. Three times a year, our agency hosts a series of four classes on the most popular social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. If you are interested in joining us for our next session, you may have some questions. These are our most frequently asked questions that can give you some extra insight before your first class. 


What Type of Businesses are Best Served by Bootcamp?


As Digital Marketing grows, so does the importance of social media. Our bootcampers come from many different sized companies and industry backgrounds. Whether you’re running a one-man show or representing a larger organization, the skills and tactics learned in Social Media Bootcamp can be applied to nearly every industry. Most of our bootcampers are business owners or marketing managers/CMOs.


What Level of Knowledge Do I Need to Attend?


With Social Media Bootcamp, we start with the basics. Ideally, you would be familiar with how to post on the channels, but we will walk you through setting them up effectively and go over best practices for how to post to get the most engagement. However, our courses cover more than just channel management. You’ll learn from the KWSM Team about the secrets we’ve learned from managing hundreds of brands on social media. We’ll be discussing some advanced strategy tools and best practices, so even those with experience will find value in attending.  


How Often is Bootcamp Offered?


We currently hold Social Media Bootcamp at KWSM Orange County three times a year, in February, June and October. We also hold classes in our KWSM Atlanta, KWSM Las Vegas and KWSM San Diego offices at throughout the year. You can always check our website for a current list of upcoming events.


Do I Need to Come to All Four Classes?


Nope! While we offer a savings bundle for those looking to join us for all four classes (Buy 4, get one free!), you can also sign up for the individual classes you think best fit your company’s needs. Insider tip: if you think you need at least two of our classes, we recommend you sign up for all 4. Sometimes, gaining exposure to new channels helps you determine whether they should be in your social media strategy. 


What If I Can’t Make a Class?


If you are are signed up but cannot make a particular class, we offer the chance to join class virtually. Let us know ahead of time, and we will arrange for you to join us through video conferencing. This is also a great option for potential students who are not located near a KWSM office!


What Should I Bring with Me?


Our classes are interactive, and we’ve found that our bootcampers learn best when they can follow along. If possible, bring your laptop or tablet with you to each class. And of course, pen and paper to take notes! (Don’t worry about bringing snacks, though – we’ll feed you breakfast at bootcamp!)


Do I need to have social channels set up?


No initial set-up is required for the courses. We’ll walk you through creating your channels on each of the social media platforms. However, having a log-in set up for each social channel will best prepare you to follow along without having to register in real-time. If you aren’t ready to set up your channels yet, you can follow along and use your notes later. We will send you a copy of the bootcamp slides to refresh your memory when the time is right.


What Support is Available After Bootcamp?


After each class, we’ll email you the day’s presentation so you can revisit anything we learned. You’ll also get some helpful articles to read and any other resources we discussed in class. If you have additional questions, feel free to show up early or stay late for individual attention from our team. We add all of our bootcampers to a private Facebook group where you can continue to ask our team questions as you embark on your social media marketing journey. 


Will We be Covering Paid Advertising?


Our current classes only over organic social media management. However, if you are interested in learning the advanced skills required for effective advertising campaigns, we have private coaching opportunities available. Email us at for more information.


Our next Social Media Bootcamp starts Friday, February 7th! Sign up for your spot here.


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