How to Balance Evergreen and Time Sensitive Content in Your Law Firm Marketing

Nov 2020

It can be a challenge to incorporate a balance of topics in your law firm’s marketing content. 

You should always create content with your audience’s pain points, wants and needs in mind, but you should avoid focusing too heavily on one subject so that your audience does not get bored. When you plan a content calendar for your marketing, it is important to include both evergreen and time sensitive content, but what does that mean for a law firm? 

What Does Evergreen Content Mean? 

Evergreen content is safe to use anytime. These posts can fill any gaps in your content calendar. You can create blogs and other resources like eBooks, case studies or downloadables on your website that address common pain points that a lot of people face or common wants and needs. Then, share this content through links in your social media posts.

Once someone follows the link, they will read the content on your website. Evergreen content for lawyers can include sharing expertise in your practice area and answering FAQs from your clients – try topics like, “What to Do When You Get a DUI,” “How to Choose an Attorney for Your Divorce Case,” or “What You Need to Know About Trust Planning in Georgia.” When you create this content, make sure that you appeal to your regional audience so that someone in the geographical area of your practice could reach out to you about a case. 

When Should I Share Timely Content?  

Timely content is exactly what it sounds like–information that is tied to something that is happening now. Timely content is necessary in a variety of situations: on national holidays or days of recognition, trending topics, the addition of new policies or laws, current cases, and more. 

You can also stay relevant in the content you create by sharing information about things your audience is interested in or talking about. For example, there may be more divorce cases after the holidays, so you can create content about filing for divorce around that time. Your audience will see you as a thought leader if you actively talk about any changes to local, state or national laws that could impact their lives or cases. 

When it comes to sharing information about cases your firm is working on, do not share confidential information, but once the case is finalized you can share updates with your audience to showcase your expertise and results. 

By balancing both evergreen and timely content, your law firm can show potential clients that you know what is going on in your industry while also keeping them engaged with your content by including a range of topics. 


31% of lawyers who used social media for professional growth report having gotten clients as a result, based on a study by the American Bar Association in 2019. 

If you are struggling to create a balance of topics in your law firm’s marketing content on social media, we can help. 

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